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Kingswood Enterprise Co., Ltd. (formerly known as: Anhui Xinke New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. )

was officially established in Wuhu, Anhui Province on September 28, 1998 with a registered capital of 1.76 billion yuan. On November 22, 2000, the company was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code 600255.


In 1998, the company was formally established in Wuhu, Anhui.

17.6billion RMB Yuan

Registered capital is 1.76 billion RMB Yuan


The company was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000.
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Kingswood Film

Kingswood Film( (Xi'an Kingswood Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) was incorporated on January 11, 2010. It is the leading company of the film and television section under Kingswood Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600255) It has four subsidiary companies including Kingswood Film and Television Culture Communication(Beijing) Co., Ltd., Dream Factory Culture Media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Khorgos kingswood Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Jiaxing South and North Lake kingswood Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Kingswood Film has a group of professional film and television production teams and rich interior industry resources. The business covers multiple fields such as investment, planning and distribution of TV drama.
Kingswood invested many outstanding films and created impressive audience ratings based on its forward-looking insights, professional technical skills, efficient media communication, and accurate public relations strategies.
Kingswood has launched dozens of popular TV series, including "Snow Leopard", "Black Fox", "The Wind", "Blue Wolf", etc., Network drama " Mecha King " and Sino-foreign cooperative TV series "White House Chef" " will also meet the audience soon.

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Kingswood Copper

Xinke is specialized in producing, developing and marketing various kinds of products, ranging from copper and copper alloy strip, copper alloy wire to irradiation cross-linking and special cable. Its leading products cover high precision copper strip, copper alloy wire, bright copper rod, electric wire and cable and other products.

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